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Hospitality Design

Hospitality environment can create positive and memorable guest experiences.

Creating Hotel spaces is important to express the client’s brand and aspirations while respecting regional nuances.
Hospitality original and cozy interior design solutions bring long-term value and reputation to owners while welcoming guests with exceptional experiences. We implement creative space planning and decoration ideas, creating cozy and innovative atmosphere.

Work Stages:
1. Free first consultation
We offer you a free first meeting with the departure of the object for inspection of the premises, to discuss the amount of work and the basic preferences. At the first meeting, it is desirable to provide the designer with all possible technical documentation (inventory floor plan, a description of the status of utilities). At the first meeting, we offer the customer fill out a questionnaire that will help us in the future to better assess the scope of work, as well as to understand the basic wishes of the client to the interior.
2. Preparation of quotation and the overall style vision
We suggest you do not buy a pig in a poke, and to see whether a common vision aligns our designer about the interior of your room. That’s why we prepare for you a general stylistic vision, presumably stages of work, as well as offer price. This will give you the opportunity to understand whether the designer has developed a common vision of your interior, which you will like.
3. Signing of the contract and measurements
After signing the contract and the receipt of payment the designer performs site visits for measurements and detailed inspection of the premises.
4. Sketch project
Sketch part consists of two variants of planning and zoning space. Next, one of the selected customer plans based conceptual design, including:
⦁ Style and color scheme of the room
⦁ the selection of furniture, lighting, sanitary equipment, building materials and decoration items
⦁ specification of all materials with the name of the manufacturer, collection, color, and material
⦁ colored collages, giving an opportunity to understand the general concept of the interior
5. Visualization
If necessary, the customer can order a visual 3D interior design. The customer is provided with one variant renderings of interior design major premises for each room 2-3 angle, which gives an idea of the maximum interior.
6. Technical project specifications for builders
Technical drawings, which are issued by the brigade to carry out repairs. The main components of the technical project:
⦁ Plan of measurements (current situation);
⦁ Plan for redevelopment;
⦁ Floor Plan with furniture;
⦁ ceiling plan (if necessary);
⦁ Layout of lighting fixtures and switches;
⦁ Floor Plan with binding and electrical outlets;
⦁ Plan flooring with tile layout or pattern coating;
⦁ Plan doorways
⦁ Layout radiators + ventilation
⦁ Sweep the walls + layout tiles in bathrooms rest room if necessary);
⦁ Technical description of the work