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The founder of studio Tatiana Andreeva works in interior design field since 2007. For more than 9 years old Tatiana has created and implemented in interior design projects in different European countries. In all her projects Tatiana tries to reflect the character and lifestyle of its owner.

Designer has a broad international experience and European education. Tatiana studied Material Technology and Design at Riga Technical University, few years later she successfully finishes Parisian Commercial High School. After her studies Tatiana makes internship in Parisian creative agency working on commercial interior projects. During that time Tatiana creates residential interiors of Parisian apartments, as well as works on commercial projects based in Russia.

Since 2012, Tatiana begins her private practice in south of France. Creating residential interiors all over Europe, Tatiana personally supervises implementation of each project, supported by ARCHIDEA DESIGN Team. Designer have been created and implemented projects in following countries: Russia, Latvia, France, Germany, Finland.

Creation process of each interior project is guided by the following factors. First of all, Tatiana takes into account the geography (location) of an object. Secondly, Tatiana is considering the architecture of the building in which the facility is located. Thirdly, communicating with the client Tatiana identifies the main features of his character, way of life, mood, interests.

These three factors helps to create something truly harmonious for each customer. Whether it’s a wonderful family with two daughters and a young couple, the business woman or middle-aged couple, everyone will feel comfortable and special in his home.

Mathias Legrand

Renovation Supervisor |France|

Anton Petunin

Renovation Supervisor |Latvia|

Tatjana Morozova

Bathroom designer

Viktorija Jefremova

Interior Designer

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